FELIX 3.0 To Tec 4.1 Upgrade Kits

FELIX 3.0 To Tec 4.1 Upgrade Kits

FELIX 3.0 To Tec 4.1 Upgrade Kits

Attention: this upgrade kit is only compatible with FELIX 3.0.

The brand-new FELIX Tec 4 upgrade takes your FELIX to a whole new level of possibilities. Many years of developing with our dedicated community, has led to a 3D printer with tailored features and new possibilities. The Tec 4 upgrade is a leap forward in technology and the best tool you can have to create your designs in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

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Tec 4 - Upgrade-kit-F3.0D-to-Tec-4D
FELIX 3.0 To Tec 4.1 Upgrade Kits

In stock

€569.91 €471.00


    Integrated Semi-automatic Leveling (ISL)

    One of the greatest achievements in the Tec 4, is the integration of the semi-automatic software leveling and Bump-Map Registration. This new feature will guarantee a perfect first layer, which is essential for a successful print. With the automatic leveling, your printer will be up and running within minutes after turning it on.


    Durable all metal print heads

    A major improvement of the Tec 4 is the integration of all metal print heads. The all new full metal hot-ends will be much more wear resistant, more reliable and are able to print all kinds of materials much easier.


    New build platform assembly + FELIX Flexplate

    The completely new build platform brings more comfort when it comes to easily pre-leveling the printer and to removing printed objects due to the FELIX Flexplate. Simply bend the Flexplate and the object will pop off.


    Faster, better, brighter

    The FELIX Tec 4 comes including a large and bright LCD display. The menu structure has been redesigned from the very beginning to ensure a smooth as possible user experience.


    Less is more

    Besides the changed layout and the Flexplate, the Tec 4 build platform is 15% lighter compared to the FELIX 3.1 build platform. This creating a better balance between the printer frame and the build platform.


    Keep it cool

    Optimized airflow significantly improves the quality of your prints. Thanks to the improved cooling, we have noticed a huge improvement in output quality when printing with Water Soluble Material (PVA). Also the creation of bridges and overhangs are much easier to print with Tec 4 fan ducts.  



    With the bright TEC 4 LED’s you can conveniently monitor your print job during printing. The object you are printing will be shining right in the spotlight. 

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