FELIX 3.2 - DIY Kit

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The versatile robust performer.
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The FELIX 3.2 DIY is a single extruder 3D printer, designed to give you the freedom to print anything you can think of. This printer is the ideal FELIX starter unit that gives users the ability to create, experiment and enjoy.

The lightweight design and handy handle at the top allows you to take the FELIX 3.2 anywhere you want.

Its user-friendly interface and large LCD screen makes using the FELIX3.2 enjoyable and easy.

It is easy to remove your printed parts off the build plate.  As soon as your print is finished you simply bend the build plate and your print pops off.  No tools required and no risk of damaging your print.


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    ✓ Print anything in 3D with amazing details

    Print quality ranging from 50 micron up to 250 micron.


    ✓ Benefit from the latest technology

    Modular design, enabling users to install upgrades. 


    ✓ Available in Single and Dual

    Print with different colours or materials in one single print.


    ✓ Print with almost everything 

    Print with any kind of 1.75mm filament you like.


    ✓ It is more than a 3D printer

    Benefit from professional customer service and an active user community.

    For the full product description and technical specifications, click here

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