FELIX hardened nozzle 0.5 mm

FELIX Pro / Tec 4 - Hardened steel nozzle (0.5 mm)

FELIX Pro / Tec 4 - Hardened steel nozzle (0.5 mm)

Note: this nozzle only works with FELIX Tec 4 and Pro series printers.

When printing carbon fiber filled or abrassive material this is the nozzle you need. The stainless hardened steel which is used to manufacture this nozzle makes it incredably wear restistant. When printing the same abrassive materials with a regular nozzle you'll need 3 nozzles to complete the same amount of printing this hardened steel nozzle does.

We took the brass nozzle design and replaced the brass by selected stainless hardened steel. With the post-processing thermal and chemical treatment these hardened steel nozzles become extremely wear resistant. 

When working with abrasive filaments, choosing for this nozzle will be a no brainer. When comparing the durability with a regular brass nozzle you'll really see the difference in durability. This makes it a very economic product because of it's durability. In addition to that you won't need to replace your hardened steel nozzle as much as the regular brass nozzle wich saves valuable printing time. 

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