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The new touchscreen standalone printfarm module with embedded printserver gives enables a flawless workflow when you have a multiuser environment and want to control multiple printers (upto 10) to create a printfarm. The module enables remote print file monitoring, multi-user environment and print-filemanagment.
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    Printfarm Mode

    Maximize productivity

    Control up to 10 printers with the touchscreen module. It is a full fledged quad core linux pc which can drive printers over an USB hub. If you already have more printers, you can easily manage them with the back-end interface of the touchscreen.

    There are several presets for different type of printers, so you are free to control all felixprinters and also printers from other brands.

    Remote print monitoring

    Follow the progress of your print-job.

    The optional webcam camera module enables easy print progress monitoring, but also easy creation of timelapses and video’s

    Intuitive touchscreen interface

    Intuitive touchscreen interface contains all required functions. Even video tutorials to get you started

    Manage projects

    Conveniently manage projects with multiple users. Via the intuitive webinterface

    View rendered print files

    The touchscreen module, creates a rendered image of the print-file which can also be seen on the frontend touchscreen interface

    More interesting features of the touchscreen interface

    • Firmware Upload
    • Over the air updating
    • Decentralized computing.
    • Possible to let other computers on the network do the calculation intensive tasks.
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