FELIX 3 Upgrade Service

FELIX 3 Upgrade Service

FELIX 3 Upgrade Service

NOTE: Only available for pre-assembled FELIX 3D printers

For the first time FELIXprinters offers you the service to upgrade your FELIX for you. The service is especially interesting for customers who bought an assembled FELIX. Choose your desired upgrade, include any extra's you would like to add, select shipment method and everything is arranged. It is that easy! 

The upgrade 3.0 to 3.1 is the most recent upgrade available for FELIX 3.0. The upgrade contains the most recent developments and it increases the overall reliability and accuracy of your FELIX. The FELIX 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade can only be installed on FELIX 3.0 printers. The price of the upgrade service includes all the nessescary parts. Stepper Motors are not nessescary and are therefore optional. 

✓ Print anything in 3D with amazing details - higher quality prints due to improved stability of the extruder frame.

✓ Benefit from the latest technology - new feature includes easy one-time print bed calibration. 

✓ Upgrade available for FELIX Single and Dual - or turn your 3.0 Single into a 3.1 Dual! 

✓ Print with almost everything - the improved Extruder Insert is made from a stronger, more durable material.

✓ Fully enjoy your upgrade - get more out of your FELIX printer with the optional FELIXbuilder 3D print software

✓ It is more than a 3D printer, for customers of a DIY FELIX we recommend the 3.1 Upgrade kit.


There are several shipment options: you can send your FELIX yourself or we can arrange a pick-up and drop-off appointment. Our standard courier is UPS, enabling us to set an exact date for pick-up and drop-off. 

Excl. VAT: €145.00 Incl. VAT: €175.45

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FELIX 3 Upgrade Service
FELIX 3 Upgrade Service

In stock

Excl. VAT: €145.00 Incl. VAT: €175.45


    Easy one-time print bed calibration 

    The calibration part of the print bed has been redesigned and improved in a way that the print bed only needs to be calibrated once now. The clever designed part always keeps the print bed leveled after the first calibration. 

    Improved filament intake

    The upgrade contains a new Extruder Insert part, made from a stronger material which results in improved durability. The redesigned frame parts allow for easier calibration of the print bed. All improvements in the upgrade kit together result in a higher level of durability and increased stiffness of the extruder frame, resulting in higher accuracy when printing.

    Stiffer extruder design

    The redesigned extruder frame increases the stiffness of the extruder, resulting in even higher quality prints. The stiffness is required to prevent the extruder to vibrate when moving. Vibration may cause unwanted errors in the printed object.

    FELIX Dual hot-ends calibration

    The new extruder frame part allows for easy calibration of the individual hot-ends. With an Allen key (Hex key) (size 2.5) the right hot-end can be perfectly positioned to exactly line up with the left hot-end. The new frame part also allows the right hot-end to be stowed away to prevent the right hot-end from colliding with printed parts when printing in single head mode.

    Optional: FELIXbuilder 3D print software

    To fully benefit from the upgrade, we recommend to use the newly developed FELIXbuilder. FELIXbuilder is the official software customized for FELIXprinters to process, adjust and slice digital, printable objects to print with the best possible outcomes on a FELIX 3D printer. FELIXbuilder has an intuitive workflow but without loosing any manual control features. A complete application, optimized for working with FELIXprinters to create even more impressive results. FELIXbuilder is available for both Mac and Windows. 

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    Printer Model FELIX 3

    Note: prices are only for pick up, not for return. The return price will be calculated in the last step of the payment process

    Currently there are serveral options to get your FELIX to the FELIXprinters office in Utrecht. 

    1 - Sending your FELIXprinter yourself 

    You can always send your FELIXprinter yourself to our office in IJsselstein. We will schedule an appointment with you first to install the upgrade so it takes as little time as possible. We can arrange the return to you by UPS or you can collect the printer yourself at our office. (only by appointment) 

    2 - Pick up by UPS: The Netherlands / Belgium / Germany 

    Pick up of the printer will always be done by UPS. We have very good experiences with UPS and it allows us to set an exact date for pick up and delivery. 

    • Price for The Netherlands: € 15,00
    • Price for Germany, Belgium and UK: € 25,00

    3 - Other countries 

    Customers from other countries who would like FELIXprinters to upgrade their FELIX, can send in a request. We will send you an offer with shipment costs and then you can decide if you accept the total price. 

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