FELIX PLA filament (1 kg) RED - RAL 3020

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FELIX PLA provides the most detailed prints and allows for printing at higher speeds. It’s no surprise that PLA is the most popular material for 3D printing. Compared to other types of PLA, our slightly modified PLA is tougher, less brittle and has a lower shrinking factor. It will not deform after cooling and will retain the normal features of PLA. FELIX high quality filament enables optimal prints by ensuring accurate filament diameter roundness and tolerances within ±0.05.

We have specially selected our top quality filaments to ensure that FELIX 3D printers will deliver the best possible results. The FELIX philosophy is that a high quality 3D printer in combination with high quality filament will ensure you will get the maximum out of a FELIX 3D printer.

RAL Code: 3020

FELIX PLA guarantees

✓ Detailed prints

✓ Perfect prints when printing on higher speed

✓ Saturated colors

✓ Printing with low bed temperatures

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Filament diameter: 1,75mm

Color: Red

RAL Code: 3020

Length of the filament wound: +/- 345m

Available PLA colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Grey, Yellow, Magenta, Bronze, Silver, Gold

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More Information
Printer ModelFELIX 3.1

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