Regular Maintenance - Tec series incl. parts

Regular Maintenance - Tec series incl. parts

Regular Maintenance - Tec series incl. parts

Complete maintenance service for your Pro Series FELIXprinter, including service, spare parts and testing.
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With regular use, your FELIX Tec printer experiences wear and tear. Moving parts that work hard to deliver your perfect prints need regular checking, lubrication and sometimes replacement of parts. FELIXprinters now offers a professional maintenance service for your Tec 4, Tec 4L or Tec 4.1.

The service, to the value of € 140 includes:

  • an analysis of the functionality of the printer
  • identification what needs to be repaired or replaced
  • execution of repair by an expert technician 
  • test prints are performed to complete quality control

The service & maintenance includes a set of spare parts to the value of €50, including:

  • 2x Replacement hot-end nozzle
  • 2x New hot-end barrel
  • 2x Kapton sticker
  • Lubrication of moving parts

If any additional spare parts are required, the customer will be notified before the repair is executed.

This service takes approximately 3 hours of dedicated labour to perform.

Please note that the time frame for delivery is estimated at 2 weeks, taking the internal work queue into account.

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