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Repetier-Host for FELIXprinters is a simple to use and open source program, which is compatible with every FELIXprinters 3D printer. You can add and position your STL files on the simulated print bed and slice them all together. For slicing you can use the built-in CuraEngine slicer. Repetier-Host can be downloaded for free and runs on Windows XP or higher.

Windows: Repetier Host for FELIXprinters works for all FELIX 3D printers.

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• Control your printer with Repetier-Host for FELIXprinters. Load STL files, prepare them for printing and monitor printing progress.
• Load Cad file into program(STL, AMF or Obj format)
• Position and or re-arrange objects onto build platform
• Prepare (or slice) object(s) for printing with CuraEngine slicer which is optimized for Dual Head printing
• Detailed preview of your printed object, optionally inspect slicing result layer by layer before printing.
• Live 3D preview of printing process and optionally real time adjust print parameters.
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