FELIX Starter Set (kapton sheet, dust cleaners, adhesive, tweezers and spray container)

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This set contains all the essential tools to make a great start with your brand new FELIX 3D printer. The set of tools and parts will make it convenient to efficiently start and stop your prints.


The FELIX Starter Set contains the following items:

  • 1 or 3 Kapton sheets (Foil which is placed on top of the print bed)
  • 2 x Filament dust cleaners (cleans the filament before entering the print head)
  • 1 x Printbed adhesive (3DLAC)
  • 1x Tweezer
  • Refillable mini spray container for eg. methylated spirits
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    €52.03 €43.00

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    Standard kit items

    Kapton Foil 

    During normal usage the kapton foil will be of good quality for a long time. If it occurs that the foil gets damaged or you start to see ‘shadows’ from previous prints, you might want to change the current foil for a new one.

    Printbed Adhesive 3DLAC 

    Improve printbed adhesion with the printbed adhesive. Minimize warping and failed prints by ensuring a perfect first layer. 

    Filament Dust Cleaners 

    The Dust Cleaners are placed in the guidance tool that guides the filament to the hot-ends. Filament is very often loaded with static electricity, causing dust to stick to the filament. To prevent any dust to be taken into the hot-ends, dust cleaners are used. To make sure the filament will be guided to the hot-ends without any dirt, new dust cleaners need to be placed in the guidance tool once in a while.


    Receive a high quality pointed tweezer for gripping filament or performing other tasks. 

    Refillable mini spray container

    Fill your spray bottle with e.g. methylated spirits for cleaning of the bed and other surfaces.


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    Printer ModelFELIX 3.1


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