Basic Food Printer - Starter Set

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Get everything you need to start food printing in one convenient package with the Standart Starter Set. Make your food printing easier and more enjoyable today!


Contents of the Set:

  • Silicone Baking Mat: This mat is made for direct food printing, making it easy to lift off your prints. It is safe for use in microwaves and ovens up to 250 degrees Celsius and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The non-stick surface ensures easy removal of food and simple cleaning.
  • Standart Luer Nozzle Set: This set includes six nozzles in three sizes (2x 1.50mm, 2x 2.50mm, and 2x 3.50mm) to fit the Standart Felix food printer. These nozzles let you print various shapes and sizes effortlessly.
  • Allen Key Maintenance Kit: A necessary tool kit for quick maintenance or upgrades to your food printer. It's small enough to fit into any kitchen drawer or toolbox.


Product Description: The Standart Starter Set for the Felix Food Printer includes all the key accessories you need to start using your food printer right away. With this set, you have all the tools and parts necessary for the Standart Felix food printers. 

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