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The all new Tec 4 build platform is designed to provide the best 3D printing surface for your FELIX. Many years of experience and developing lead to a slim and steady print platform. The lightweight aluminium plate is cleverly designed in many ways: the eye-catching layout of the platform is designed to reduce unused space and to keep the construction as light as possible. The platform contains a heater element which can heat the platform up to 90C, making it possible to print with challenging materials.

FELIX Flexible BuildPlate
The Tec 4 build plate requires the FELIX Flexible BuildPlate to print on. The BuildPlate is a flexible plate which allows for easy removal of the printed object. Sometimes prints can be very well connected to the build surface, bending the BuildPlate will release the print without using a lot of force. Magnets integrated into the Tec 4 build platform will make sure the BuildPlate will always stay in place during printing.

NOTE: The Tec 4 build platform is only compatible with the FELIX Tec 4 or on an older FELIX when the Tec 4 build platform upgrade is installed.

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Heated print surface 
A heated build plate is essential for successful 3D prints. A heated surface improves adhesion of the print and reduces ‘warping’ and unwanted tension within the 3D print. The Tec 4 build plate contains a high voltage heater which can heat up the build surface up to 90C.

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