FELIX Tec - Full Metal Hot-End

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The all metal Tec 4 print head is designed to deliver the best possible 3D print performance on a FELIX 3D printer. the metal body of the print head is a huge step to improve overal reliability, especially for very long print jobs. The sophisticated design of the print heads results in a smooth flow and heat up of filament, which finally results in highly detailed 3D prints. The exchangeable nozzle and heater body results in broad variety of nozzle diameters and in easy maintenance.

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Long lasting performance 

The FELIX’ engineers have put a lot of time and effort into the right selection of materials used within the print head. High quality steal and the improved internal flow of filament results in a reliable and durable print head which can print non-stop up to 60 hours without holding back. 

Adjustable to your needs

The nozzle of the Tec 4 can be exchanged for a range of different sized nozzles. Using a nozzle with a large diameter results in thicker walls and will reduce print time. Perfect for small productions or large objects. Using a nozzle with a small diameter will increase the amount of detail in your print. 

Working with the more ‘aggressive’ kind of materials like nylon or woodfill? Install a hardened steel nozzle to reduce wear and to maintain your 3D print quality.

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