Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2

Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2

Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2

Leadtime approx. 2 weeks

Benefit from better performance with the FELIX Pro 2.
The Pro 1 to Pro 2 upgrade gives several benefits:

- Improved print quality.
- Better performance.
- Lower maintenance cost
- Improved reliabitity
- Complete checkup of your printer

For a more detailed description please continue reading in the description below.

Upgrade services at your local reseller
The upgrade of your FELIX Pro can be executed by your local reseller. (check for availability)

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Upgrade service executed by FELIXprinters
If you purchased your FELIX Pro Series directly from us or there is no local authorised reseller near you, we can also upgrade your Pro Series for you. Our skilled technicians will make sure your 3D printer will be shipped back to you in an as good as new condition.

From Excl. VAT: €349.00 Incl. VAT: €422.29

To Excl. VAT: €922.00 Incl. VAT: €1,115.62

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Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2 - labour + parts   + Excl. VAT: €349.00 Incl. VAT: €422.29

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Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2
Upgrade service Pro 1 to Pro 2

In stock

Excl. VAT: €349.00 Incl. VAT: €422.29


    Why upgrade to the FELIX Pro 2?

    The extruder design got a big overhaul. The sensitive bed probing mechanism (flexure design) is changed to a very robust magnetic solution. Giving better long term print performance. Less and easier maintenance. This also has some additional benefits like:

    • More accurate autoleveling performance.
    • One hot-end for both sides lowering the total cost of ownership.

    Better and faster filament detection

    The filament detection sensor (changed from inductive to an optical high precision encoder wheel). This resulted not only in better and more reliable filament detection but also a drastic improvement in print quality due to the more constant filament flow.

    Improved print quality

    Improved airflow of extruded filament improves 3d print quality, especially for 3d prints with overhanging parts..

    Improved reliability

    • Improved cable management for y-axis, better wires and also different guiding for improved long term reliability
    • x-axis idler pulley design changed for smoother motion and better long term reliabilty.
    • Several small improvements in assembly add up to an improved overall performance.

    Full checkup of your machine.

    When we or one of our authorized resellers perform the update, the machine will be fully checked and brought to the latest assembly standard we have at FELIXprinters.

    New software partner (Simplify3D)

    The FELIX Pro Series are all about Plug & Play. Besides a good working machine, the software is just as important. To get the most out of your FELIX, we have teamed up with Simplify3D. The best in class software solution available today.

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    Printer Model FELIX Pro 1

    Note: prices are only for pick up, not for return. The return price will be calculated in the last step of the payment process

    Currently there are serveral options to get your FELIX to the FELIXprinters office in Utrecht. 

    1 - Sending your FELIXprinter yourself 

    You can always send your FELIXprinter yourself to our office in IJsselstein. We will schedule an appointment with you first to install the upgrade so it takes as little time as possible. We can arrange the return to you by UPS or you can collect the printer yourself at our office (only by appointment). 

    2 - Pick up by UPS: The Netherlands / Belgium / Germany 

    Pick up of the printer will always be done by UPS. We have very good experiences with UPS and it allows us to set an exact date for pick up and delivery. 

    • Price for The Netherlands: € 15,00
    • Price for Germany, Belgium and UK: € 25,00

    3 - Other countries 

    Customers from other countries who would like FELIXprinters to upgrade their FELIX, can send in a request. We will send you an offer with shipment costs and then you can decide if you accept the total price.