The z-axis homing requires an increased temperature 120 degC for the TEC 4, which causes a delay in some occassions. This is done to prevent damage to print surface in case there is some small blob of filament under the nozzle.

For the Pro series this is at 185 degC, to ensure optimal probing conditions. Because it is physically touching the surface you want to not detect the blob of plastic possibly present.

To change the firmware in case you want to experiment or if above is not required in your case. Please read instructions on how to create your custom firmware here.

After opening the firmware file with Arduino, please navigate to the configuration.h file and then scroll to line.

And change one of the value below.

You can change zhome_heat_all to 0, this will home the z-axis without homing

Or you can change the value 120 to your desired value.

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