Distance between hot-end tip and bed too big after homing. This is the most common bed adhesion problem. Tips to solve this. After homing the hot-end should touch the bed. The bed is 0, so when above this the distance is starting to become critical. The filament should get squashed a little bit onto the bed. When removing an object from the bed after printing the side touching the bed should have a mirror finish. When you feel lines, you know the distance is too big.


The bed is not leveled correctly. This becomes a problem when objects are bigger. Because one side of the object can have better adhesion then the other. This causes the object to slowly peel away from the surface from one side.


The bed is not clean. It is important to keep the bed very clean. Dust, grease and other debris can ruin your print. This is off course annoying if the print is taking a few hours. We use blue spirit. (blauwe spiritus in Dutch), ammonia or alcohol also work good.


The bed is not flat. If you are not able to level you bed, with the procedure described in the user manual, it could be that you have a non flat bed. This could be a production error. Please contact us for further instructions.

Categories: Troubleshooting - Printjob Startup Issues
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