Nozzle(S) Too Close /Too Far To Bed, During First Layer

When the nozzle is too close or too far from the bed during the first layer. It can be caused by the following things.

  • Z-homing sensor not properly setup, consult the manual of your printer, to properly calibrate the z-homing height.
  • Z-home sensor not properly working, please read this article for more information.
  • Print bed is not leveled, consult the manual of your printer for leveling instructions
  • Printbed is not flat, it needs to be replaced. The required flatness tolerance for the whole print surface should be within +/- 0.1mm for good bed adhesion. For the TEC 4 series a flatness of +/-0.5mm is required, due to the surface measurment performed during calibration. 
Categories: Troubleshooting - Printjob Startup Issues
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