In some cases the Tec 4 can have issues with the leveling and probing function. Most of the times the following steps fix the issues.

  1. Double check if the z-screw fixing the spindle to the motor is properly fixed.
  2. Check if the nut of the spindle is properly in place.
  3. Move the induction sensor 1mm upwards physically on the bracket. It could be that it is too low and causes the probing not to function properly.
  4. Check the leveler wheels if they are properly assembled. Is the setscrew properly fastened?
  5. Is the bolt which fixes the middle of the build plate properly fixed?
  6. Reset the eeprom memory of the printer, by running thisĀ printfile
  7. Perform the bed leveling routine from the screen.
  8. Calibrate the z-height with the calibration card.

Note: Normally the leveling routine if you don't turn the leveler wheels will show a variation in measurement. A deviation of max 5degrees between measurements is acceptable and should result in proper bed leveling.

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