FELIX Tec 4.x Single to Dual Upgrade Kit

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The FELIX Tec 4 Single to Dual upgrade kit contains a second print head which can be installed onto your FELIX Tec 4. Having two print heads onto one machine adds a whole lot of possibilities: creating complex shapes, multi-material prints or a dedicated print head for a specific material. The upgrade is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation and takes about 3 hours to complete. 


Create Complex geometries with soluble support material

Need to create complex shapes, challenging bridges or parts with small internal compartments? Load water soluble support material into the second print head to create the most complex geometries. The Tec 4 Single to Dual upgrade kit, adds a second full metal and durable print head to your Tec 4, opening a whole range of new possibilities.

Support material can be washed out by leaving it in clean water for several hours.


Two print heads to create it all   

Combining two different materials into one print is one of the main benefits of having two individual print heads. Combine standard PLA with a flexible material, add a transparent part into your print or use a wood fill surface for certain parts. Combining two materials into one print definitely doubles the fun and possibilities.


A dedicated print head 

Besides combining materials two individual print heads can also be used to dedicate each print head to a specific material. Certain materials may leave traces behind inside the print head, causing ‘dirt spots’ in prints if another material is loaded. Having a specific print head for one material, will make sure your prints will come out nice and clean. 

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The FELIX Tec 4 Single to Dual upgrade can only be installed on a FELIX Tec 4 Single. If you would like to upgrade from an older FELIX 3D printer, please upgrade to FELIX Tec 4 first or [email protected] for a custom offer. 

Kit version 

The FELIX Tec 4 Single to Dual upgrade kit has to be installed on your FELIX Tec 4 yourself. The items will be shipped to you as unassembled items. A detailed online assembly manual can be downloaded HERE. Don't feel like upgrading yourself? Check out our Upgrade Service HERE.

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